10+ before-and-after photos of cats growing up

Raising a pet will always have its challenges, but ultimately it’s a rewarding endeavor. To watch a puppy or kitten grow up into a well-trained, loving adult pet not only gives you a feeling of pride, but knowing that they’re happy is gratifying in itself.

The 26 before and after pictures below are a true testament to the effects a loving home has on a cat. Whether they were adopted as kittens or rescued from horrible situations, these kitties grew into happy, healthy adults!

#1 There’s absolutely nothing better than growing up together!

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#2 They may be older, but they still do love being tucked in just as much as ever!

#3 Once you’ve found the very best spot, it’s hard to give it up!

#4 They might not look much alike, but these sisters stick together!

#5 There’s nothing better than your own bed… apparently even after you’ve outgrown it.

#6 This cool cat has always loved just hanging out!

#7 Her lifelong dream of becoming a famous photographer never went away!

#8 He certainly grew into that sofa quite nicely!

#10 Sometimes they never stop giving you sass, no matter how much love you lavish on them.

#11 Somebody has loved that couch for a very long time!

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#12 He keeps getting older and older, but the sink stays the same size…

#13 Awww! How cute!

#14 This kitty’s creative spirit just keeps on growing!

#15 These siblings never did grow apart!

#16 Why look at cats on the internet when she’s been right there the entire time?

#17 There are some things you just never outgrow!

#18 Pancake had a terrible accident as a kitten, but she grew up into a beautiful cat!

#19 Who ever said you have to put away the childish things when you grow up?

#20 Why get a brand new toy when you’ve got a favorite toy?

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#21 Somebody takes up just a little more room than they used to!


#22 This rescue kitten certainly did grow into quite the adorable cat!


#23 Three never needs to be a crowd!


#24 One year certainly made a huge difference for Walter the cat!


#25 This little guy was abandoned in a gutter when he was two weeks old. He looks a lot better these days!


#26 This preciousfur-baby was so much happier after being adopted!


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