10+ cats living on the ‘If it fits, I sits’ principle

There’s only one thing that felines love more than laying around and doing sweet nothing – and that’s fitting into small places. They take even bigger pleasure in wrapping themselves in an Amazon box, a shoe shelf, or even a pizza box, when they know that their human thinks they won’t be able to fit – oh, the pleasure of proving your human slave wrong…

While a lot of us find this cat behavior bizarre (I mean, why would you put yourself in a place that looks painfully uncomfortable), scientists have a couple of explanations for this amusing feline antic.

First, let’s remember that cats are predators – and boxes are great places to stalk victims from and hide. Therefore, cats get a sense of comfort and security from enclosed spaces, and some research suggests that boxes even decrease feline stress levels.

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Another reason why cats love curling up in small and tiny places, is that it helps them preserve their body heat. The thermoneutral zone for a domestic cat is 86 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit, which happens to be 20 degrees higher than ours. Therefore, getting into a tiny box may serve as a smart heat-saving strategy.

Whatever the exact reasons, let’s admit it – cats can be very hilarious!

#1 Apparently Any Size Box Will Do

#2 Move Over… Then We Can Both Fits

#3 Nice To Have A Buddy When You’re Down And Out

#4 Cat Whale

#5 I Don’t Even Understand How This Is Possible

#6 Big Cats Love Boxes Too

#7 Those Eyes

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#8 Cat.rar

#9 Angry Dad Cat Liked To Sit In The Sink By Himself… Until

#10 All Cats Is The Same

#12 My Cat Fell Asleep In My Salad

#13 Her Name Is Audrey, She Is The Smallest Kitten I’ve Ever Seen, And She Fell Asleep In My Roommate’s Pocket Like This. Looks Comfortable

#14 If I Fits, I Sits

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#15 I Don’t Fits, But I Still Sits

#17 Must Use Every Possibility To Sit

#18 If I Fits I Sits (Fancy Edition)

#19 My Girlfriend’s Cat Was Reunited With The Basket He Was Brought Home In


#20 Cat Liquid


#21 If We All Fits, We All Sits!


#23 I’ve Made A Huge Mistake


#24 How The Hell


#25 Cat Logic


#26 We Fits!

#27 If I Fit, I Sit

#28 Nap Time!

#29 Everything Is Fine, I Is Comfortable

#30 What Do You Mean I Can’t Fit?


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