15+ Cats Who Absolutely Love Being In Water

Breaking stereotypes LIKE A BOSS.

#1 “Shower in the morning keeps me active through out the day.”

#2 “I wonder if I keep staring at this shiny thingy would water start coming out of it?”

#3 “Shower time! My favorite part of the day.”

#4 “Nothing better than a bath with my hooman.”

#5 “I can spend the whole day in this sink.”

#6 “Can I please do this at least thrice each day?”

#7 “Thank you hooman, thank you so much for this.”

#8 “The only place I wanna be right now after a tough day…”

#9 “I get to bath everyday with this little fish floating around here and there.”

#10 “I need a break, mommy. Please give me my personal space back.”

#11 “This is mine now. No, I’m not going to let go of this faucet.”

#12 “My thinking face, and my thinking place.”

#13 “Can’t wait to jump in!”

#14 “Heyy! Let me finish first!”

#15 “Meet me, I’m a cat and I LOVE WATER.”

via: pur world

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