10+ Jerk Cats Who Stole Dog Beds And Didn’t Give A Damn About The Pawlice

No one likes a bully, in the following photos we don’t have just one bully – we have 15. Fifteen cats have taken over the household, and the poor family dog is the ‘victim.’ This, of course, is all in good fun. Those of us who have a cat know that they will do what they want when they want. The following pictures are just demonstrating that fact

1. This kitty needs his space.

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2. This tiny kitten is already in charge!

3. That is one disgruntled dog!

4. Two dogs vs. one cat

5. Size matters.

6. This dog is shocked about what he is seeing!

7. Well, at least the dog has something soft to sleep on.

8. “I’m watching you cat – when you leave, that pillow is mine.”

9. Persistence paid off, he got his head on the pillow!

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10. This kitten got the comfy blanket AND the water bowl.








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