10+ Of The Best ‘I Don’t Own A Cat’ Moments That Have Ever Happened To Humans

It’s us, humans, who choose their pets, right? Wrong. Cats have been known for doing certain things in their own unique ways based on their own brain-produced logic. Choosing their masters(in other words, servants) is no exception to this theory. Some impress you with their gentle, heart-melting purring, while others choose to make your favorite pillow their new bed and no, you don’t get to ask why?

We have compiled a couple of stories that will make you go ‘awwww’. Do not Forget to comment. Cheers!

H/t: purrworld

#1 This is not my dog, and that cats not mine either. But, every morning I find them sitting right here in this same place in front of my porch.

#2 Waking up to this…

#3 My mum started feeding a random stray cat a week ago. This is what the front porch of my house looked like today.

#4 This cute little creature showed up in my backyard today.

#5 I was making some tea for mum and as soon as I picked up the mug and turned around, found this cutie staring back at me. Lives with me now!

#6 Woke up at 2:45 a.m. because this guy just wont stop making noise! So, is this how you get a cat?

#7 This stray cat has been wandering on the streets near my home since summers. Today, we decided to let him in to save it from the chilly winds. After an hour, I found him like this.

#8 Found this guy in the backyard. Oh well, I own a cat now!

#9 This is Popeye. My brother found him in his farm a week before Christmas and took him to a vet. When his daughter saw it she wanted this cat for the Christmas and nothing else. Lives at my brothers place now!

#10 Opened this window for a smoke and started watching TV, when I was done I turned around to shut the window down and I found this creepy pair of eyes staring right back at me.

#11 Found this cute guy in my parent’s garden. Notice how he has a heart-shaped black nose.

#12 This cat jumped into my truck, spent some time inside and then went away. The best day of my life!

#13 Came home to this. I don’t have a cat. We’re both surprised.

#14 This is certainly not my cat.

#15 We heard some noises in the shop and decided to set a trap. Ended up catching this guy.

#16 Woke up to this in the middle of the night. I don’t own this creepy.

#17 Coming home to this… p.s- I don’t have a cat.

#18 This cat showed up at my place out of nowhere, and we’re buddies now. I named him Oj.

#19 I forgot to shut the bathroom window the other day. Found this thing sitting here in the morning.

#20 I just finished painting my kitchen and came here to sit. This is what I found… Nothing too strange, I just don’t have a cat…

#21 I woke up at around 5:00 a.m. due to this little cat’s meowing. Opened the apartment and the cat came running in. I was too sleepy to give a reaction and went back to sleep. I have a cat now.

#22 This guy jumped in to my car and won’t leave. So this is how you get a cat?

#23 Neighbor’s cat gave a visit to say Hi.

#24 After reaching home from work I fell asleep. Woke up to find this thing sitting on my lap. Not mine.

#25 Cat next-door came in and got stuck in this vase.

#26 She just walked in, comfortably and made herself at home. Do I own a cat now?

#27 Just received this picture from Dad. We don’t own a cat.

#28 Found this visitor leaving my guestroom this morning.

#29 At my girlfriend’s place, woke up to this. She doesn’t own a cat.

#30 Turned around to find this scary thing sitting there. I don’t own a cat.


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