10+ Photos Of Pets That Are Brothers From Another Mother

Warren Photographic, a UK-based image library specializes in pet photography but, what actually makes it different is that it matches pet animals like a white cat with a white bunny and makes the pose cutely and then captures their picture. These pictures are taken so that the pets actually look related somehow.

“It was my mum that came up with the inspiration for matching animals when a friend suggested she try it with her matching seal-point Birman kitten and dwarf bunny. I have continued her great work” – Mark Taylor told the interviewer.

“Animals are more difficult to work with than people because you can’t tell them what to do… I have an assistant who helps me to train the animals and keep them from walking off set. She is incredibly good with animals”

The punchline is that its not about what separates us, its what makes us unite that matters the most! And, in this scenario it is the God-gifted beauty and matching fur!





















Source: Purr World

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