10+ Photos Proving That Cats Are The Cutest Things On Earth

Cats are the most popular and favorite animals to have as pets in the world. Therefore, Pawsplanet has compiled this list of the furballs to prove cats are the cutest thing on Earth. We love seeing hilarious cat pictures and videos but be careful, the cute cats that you’re about to see are bound to melt your heart! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. I make sure that these heartwarming photographs of the sweetest cats that will make you want to go out and get one.
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#1. A little angel safe in the arms of her nanny

#2. “I’ll just keep you company and hide from the sun.”

#3. “I just need some more sleep.”

#4. “I was about to make the bed and this little guy tucked himself into my bed.”

#5. The cutest little kitten with the cutest little tongue poking out

#6. “Mmm, this feels nice.”

#7. This little one is such a big fan of fish, it wants to become one.

#8. Lovely family time

#9. This kitty is very politely waiting to be helped.

#10. How to melt a human’s heart:

#11. When you meet people for the first time and are very shy:

#12. “Can we please cuddle?”

#13. A little alien kitten that’s ready to discover the world!

#14. “After an hour of fighting, they decided to hug it out.”

#15. We must all squish those little cheeks!

#16. 3 best friends having a sleepover

#17. A family portrait

#18. “Those were some tasty waffles!”

#19. “My cat falling asleep on my computer”

#20. A ball of fluff with a squishy little face

#21. “Can you play with me?”

#22. “Mimicking my cats’ selfie faces”

#23. “Hey, are you still busy?”

#24. “5 more minutes and I’ll get up.”

#25. “Give me 5 human buddy!”

#26. Here We See A Baby Wigglefloof Cleaning Its Tiny Squishbeans

#27. Gimo, The Cat With The Biggest Eyes Ever

#28. Those Baby-tiger Paws

#29. Purrrfect

#30. Commence Butt Wiggle

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