10+ Pics Of Cats Using Your Carefully Chosen Gifts

Cats are known to be very smart creatures. You can’t ignore how an ancient civilization started worshiping cats! So when you check out these pictures below, don’t just assume that the cats are being dumb. Instead, try to understand the deeper meaning! and only if you do so you’ll imagine your cat saying. “We don’t like your gifts. Even if we do, we’re not going to let you know!”

Do you have a cat that never seems to like the things you gift him? Don’t panic, they probably would have done the same with the pyramids. Feel free to share the pictures of your cat with your rejected present. Just kidding.

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#1 Using the food tray so efficiently!

[quads id=2]

#2 I gifted my cat a cute little bed, but it always wants to sleep in in my baby’s cot.

#3 I bought her a pretty bed, she likes to sleep here instead.

#4 Sleeping in a plastic bag? What about that bed I bought last week?

#5 Yet another cat that totally rejected the bed bought by its owner.

#6 Another one…

#7 Another one, but this one knows how to make it obvious.

#8 Look at that thing on the left of where its sitting…

#9 Well, well, well…

#10 This cat probably didn’t like the couch its owner bought her.

#11 Enough said.

#12 Decides to sit here.

[quads id=2]

#13 Bro you’re supposed to be ON it, not UNDER it.

#14 Liked the giftbox better than the gift.

#15 “This is where I sit, right?”

#16 Hats off.

#17 Speechless.

#18 Choosing the gift-box over the gift!

#19 These two cats insulting my gifts.

#20 “Take away the gift, box is better.”

#21 Okay. Fine.

#22 Another rejected gift…

#23 What is this cat thinking!?

[quads id=2]

#24 Straightaway saying no to the present.

#25 Stubborn cat.

#26 “Thank you owner, for buying me another couch to sit on.”

#27 “Why would you want me to sleep in this scary thing?”

#28 Smart Cat example.

#29 “Do you want me to die of suffocation? I’ll sleep over it instead.”

#30 “May be if  I stop sleeping on it, you’d gift me something else next time?”



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