10 Things That Only Cat Owners Can Understand

The life of a cat owner differs a lot from the life of others. Having a cat means extra responsibility and a bunch of other issues. However, the love and company you get in return make everything worthwhile. Scroll down for those things that won’t make sense to non-cat owner.

#1 Packing stuffs for vacations.

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#2 You can’t get up.

#3 They are not as easy going as dogs.

#4 When you’re the chosen one.

#5 They are active by night.

#6 They are always there to bother you.

#7 You love all the cat-like creatures.

#8 Your bed is occupied sometimes.

#9 You’re judged silently from afar.

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#10 When your decision affects them also.

#11 When you face the nasties.

#12 You can’t go to the toilet alone.

#13 It is hard to leave the house.

#14 They’re picky eaters.

#15 The sink is unusable sometimes.

#16 It’ll never work that way.

#17 They use your laptop.

#18 When your house is no longer a safe place.

#19 Goals.


#20 You must not love them so they can love you.

#21 You know cats are jerks, but can’t stop loving them anyway.

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