10+ Times Pets Were Caught Red-Pawed

Your pet can be very playful and naive when you are around, but who knows what happens when you’re not? Have you ever come home and find what your ‘so called’ home is now a ruin? There are two possibilities: 1, Some thieves broke into your house; 2, It’s that furry devil that you trusted and loved. Well, unless you’re really unlucky, it is the second possibility most of the time.

Scroll down for some proofs of your pet wrecking your house (and your life, possibly).

This cat is plotting to kill its owner.

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Worth it.

Cookies stealer.

Robbing a kid.

Paranormal activities is in the work!

“Want a bite?”

“Pickpocketing, eh?”


Shoes stealer since 2010.

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Can’t believe you do that to the baby!

Acting casual after lying on owner’s bed unallowed.


Faking sleep to spy on owner’s breakfast.

“I’m not letting go.”

Paper theft. He could even steal your homework, too.

So now you’re sorry?


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Good effort.


Maybe he’s trying to fly.

Cat food thief.


Cat obsessed with feather duster.

Next time, ask for the cucumber.

“We’re doing nothing.”

via : Pur world


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