10+ Times ‘Stupid Cat Drawings’ Made Everyone Laugh With How Accurate They Were

An Instagram account called DailyPurrr creates “stupid cat drawings on [a] daily basis” to celebrate the diversity of the feline race. The drawings, while very simple, are absolutely adorable and funny as hell.

The guy behind DailyPurrr, Ainars from Latvia, shared that his project didn’t received much attention until his 92nd upload. “I just really love simplicity and primitivism in art, and always wanted to draw something simple and share with the people,” he said. Besides that, the artists must have drawn a lot of inspiration from his two cats Nika and Kuzuya; both of whom was found on the streets and adopted by Ainars.

“I get a lot of submissions,” Ainars said. “One time, when I decided to ask people to send me their cat pics in an Instagram story, I got like 150+ messages in one day. When I choose a pic for drawing, I’m looking for awkward poses, stupid cat looks, interesting situations, etc.”

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His ‘research’ has proved to be fruitful. Scroll down to enjoy some of his funniest artwork and tell us your favorites in the comments.





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Source: Purr World

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