11 Crazy Cats Who Have Seriously Mastered The Art Of Napping Anywhere

As anyone who has ever owned a cat can tell you, they are one of the world’s most mysterious (and adorable) creatures.

With dogs, you can usually figure out their silly logic. Felines, however, love to keep their human pals guessing with their strange behavior.

They’re so good at stumping us; in fact, they can do it in their sleep. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve snapped pictures of my cat in some weird contortion while he snoozes the day away. The way they can casually pretzel their bodies into the most baffling positions never fails to crack me up!

That said, I’m pretty sure he’s never gotten quite as creative as the sleepy cuties below. These fluffballs clearly won’t let anything get in the way of a good snooze, when the feeling strikes.

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1. Spider-Man Nap Mode

2. Pocket Cat: The Purr-fect Accessory

3. Extra Special Delivery

4. Serious, But Sleepy

5. World’s Cutest Gutter Obstruction

6. Reaching New Heights

7. Minding The Gap

8. Toasty And Tired

9. Adorable Face-Plant

10. Balancing Expert

11. Better Than Any Vintage Vino

12. Close Enough

13. If The Shoe Fits

14. Obstacle Course Fail

15. Precious Kitty Copies

Source: Little Things


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