15 Cats With The Most Unique Markings In The World

Cats come in all shapes and sizes. We have big cats, small cats, furry cats, and naked cats. But kitties also differ on a few other characteristics— like color! I personally love calicos, with their orange, white and black coloring. They are super pretty to look at. In general, we seem to categorize cats by their color, but I’m giving you fair warning— you may have trouble doing that with these felines. The following cats have unique colorings and markings that are both adorable and hilarious. Whether it’s a furry mustache, a permanent expression of awe, or exclamation mark on the bum— these cats have got you covered.

#1. Sam Has Eyebrows

#2. Cat On A Cat

#3. Salt and Pepper Scrappy

#4. Bat Cat, Batman’s Trusty Sidekick

#5. Kitty Wearing A Cat Suit

#6. This kitty forms a perfect little heart when she curls up

#7. Cinnamon Roll

#8. Top Hat Cat

#9. She’s got a little heart on her nose

#10. Hitler Look-Alike

#11. Cat Burglar

#12. Hamilton is a classy gent


#13. Checkered Chimera

#14. Exclamation Point Bum

#15. And finally, this fluff, with a look of constant surprise.


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