15 Rules You’ve Got To Learn If You Own A Cat

If you do own a cat, you may already noticed that your life is altered by these silly furry creatures. Although cats are unpredictable, we have found some of the rules they lay out for their owners. And knowing these may help you out of some sticky situations caused by the bad guy that you love. Scroll down for some illustrations of cat rules.

(h/t: brightside)

#1 Cat fur will always stands out no matter what color the shirt is.

#2 You must make room for your cat to sleep. And do not disturb them.

#3 Cats love to wreck clean things.

#4 If they stare at the fridge for too long, prepare their food.

#5 Cats can resist a lot of things, and forcing them will get yourself hurt.

#6 They don’t really care about cleanliness.

#7 Cats will always be hungry.

#8 They love (breaking) expensive stuffs

#9 They can be sticky at times.

#10 Body curl = sleep length.

#11 They will always find a way to break your valuables.

#12 They own every box in the house.

#13 Won’t be there when you need them…

#14 Yes, we mean it.

#15 And finally, it’s never their fault. It’s your fault for everything wrong in this world.


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