16 Hilarious Pics Of Cats Sitting Like Humans

Cat behavior is always so unpredictable that’s why they’re so popular on the internet, their behavior is a mixture of cute and bizarre which produces the most entertaining content available online. But the best cat-related content is when they try to act like humans, either walk like us or even try to pronounce words, in this case we have these adorable cats sitting like humans, and it’s just so odd and funny.

1. Watching TV like a regular cat

2. He looks like he’s ready and hyped to hear a story

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3. What are you confused about hooman

4. Watching over his Kingdom from the window

5. Since we’re in a car I shall sit like a human

6. It’s so fluffy and cute

7. Just chillin’ like a vilain

8. Even overweight cats do it

9. I am sir mittens and this is my human throne

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10. Oh here you are, I was waiting for you

11. Whatcha lookin’ at b*tch

12. Why are you taking a picture of me Carol

13. He’s waiting for the Iphone to charge so he can play that mouse killing game

14. He looks so majestic

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15. Come here I want to tell you something important

16. This seat is mine, do you have a problem with that ?


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