16 Times Cats Made No Sense

There’s no argue that cats are unreasonable most of the time. But that’s not really a bad thing, since they make everything so hilarious.

Of all the nice things you can have, you choose this damn paper bag. Get it together, kitty! It’s not a blindfold!

It’s roomy here. Why stare at the wall?

Stop it!

Pancakes hater.

Hatred of pickles.


Why do you have to stand there?

You’ve come to the wrong neighborhood, kitty!

“Studying? Not in my watch!”

View blocker.

“It’s not your towel anymore.”

The love for bags and boxes.

“If only I could get there…”


They love to attack your stuffs.


Or they’ll see an open tank and think: “Hey, that’s for me.”



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