17 Cats Who Discovered Catnip And Completely Lost Their Minds

Sometimes when life gets hard, we, as humans, have the option to puff a cigarette, drink some tea, or even have a relaxing beer. When it comes to cats, however, their options are a bit more limited. Basically, cats have catnip— but that’s okay because most of them like it a lot.

Catnip can bring out crazy behavior in even the most conservative of kitties. When they sniff the oils in the magical catnip plant, they become veritable hippies, loving and absorbing the world around them. While there’s nothing wrong with using catnip once in a while, some felines lack what we humans refer to as ‘self-control’. In the face of catnip, these cats are totally powerless— a fact which results in hilarious photos like these.

Kitty’s first time on the nip.

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Look who found the catnip while I was out…

Catnip is a hell of a drug.

When the catnip kicks in…

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Spaghetti’s first catnip experience.







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