20 People Who Thought They Didn’t Need A Cat In Their Life

Some people just don’t like cats, and that’s okay. Some people even dislike pizza, chicken nuggets, or Duchess Diana. Maybe they had bad experience with the feline race or something like that, but love or hate is just a human perception, which can be changed over time. Also, there’s an undeniable fact that cats have their way to capture human hearts. You may have heard stories here and there about people’s change of heart for cats, and we would like to add some more to your library today. Scroll down for sweet stories about people who got cat-charmed.

#1 He used to dislike these little fur balls.

#2 Why are cats always attracted to people who hate them?

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#3 My Dad, Who Hates Cats, Built Bunkbeds For My Boys

#4 My Boyfriend Said He Doesn’t Like Cats. This Is Him Now

#5 Boyfriend Says He Does Not Like Cats. I Think He Is Full Of Shit

#6 I Wanted A Cat. My “Not A Cat Person” Boyfriend Did Not. We Got One Because It Would Make Me Happy. Guess Whose Cat She Is

#7 My Dad Swears He Hates Cats

#8 I’m Not A Cat Person But I’ll Make An Exception

#9 My Dad Never Wanted A Cat, And Look At Him Now

#10 Got Leeroy A Couple Weeks Back. Girlfriend Didn’t Want A Cat And Still Tells Friends She Hates Him. Yeah, Ok

#11 When We Met 13 Years Ago He Told Me, “I’m More Of A Dog Person, Really”

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#12 14 Years Ago My Sister And I Got A Kitten For Our Dad Who Had Always Said He Hated Cats. They’ve Been Inseparable Ever Since


#13 The Boyfriend Is Supposedly Not A Cat Person


#14 Not A Cat Person But I Just Couldn’t Not Take Her Home.


#15 Dad Says He Doesn’t Like The Cat, Saw This


#16 Before I Got My Kitten, My Boyfriend Said He Didn’t Like Cats. Now I Have Been Demoted To “Princess #2”

#17 I Didn’t Want Cats. My Wife Wanted Cats. So We Compromised And Got 5 Cats

#18 If You Ask Him, “F*ck No, I’m Not A Cat Person”

#19 My Dad Doesn’t Want A Cat But The Cat Definitely Wants My Dad

#20 Caught A Picture Of My Cat With My Friend Who Adamantly “Hates Cats”

#21 Me A Year Ago: I Hate Cats, They’re Evil! Me, Now, On My 4th Set Of Fosters

#22 My “Not A Cat Person” Boyfriend Falling In Love With A Shelter Kitty

#23 I Found A Cat. I Don’t Like Cats. Now I Have A Cat I Guess

#24 My Girlfriend’s Dad Doesn’t Like Cats So He Says, Looks Like She Won Him Over

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#25 He Didn’t Want A Cat

#26 This Is The Man That Didn’t Want A Cat

#27 After Not Letting Me Get A Cat For Years He Is Now Besotted With Gus

#28 And He Didn’t Even Want A Cat

#29 When Your Dad Says He “Doesn’t Like Cats” But You Finally Convince Him To Let You Get One And You End Up Getting Pics Like These While You’re At Work

#30 At First I Didn’t Want To Have To Take Care Of Kittens. Then This Happened


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