Cats With The Most Stunningly Unique Fur Patterns

Everyone loves a good ‘ol snuggly puppy or kitty, right?

With their innocent faces, soft fur, sweet eyes and overall cuteness, they’re pretty much irresistible.

You may not think it possible, but there’s something that can make them even cuter. Picture this: A cat with a classy mustache, a kitty that has an outline of a cat on its side or a furry feline that has eyebrows like Charlie Chaplin.

Imagine no more, these things are real. These 22 adorable and awesome cats have the  most perfectly designed patterns on their coats that are almost too good to be true!

I mustache you a question..

but I’ll shave it for later.

Top of the morning to you!

“Um, excuse me, you’ve got a monkey on your back..



Interesting choice of facial hair. (Remind anyone of a certain German dictator?)



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