Dog Lost Her Puppies Adopts An Orphan Kitten Who Becomes The Pup She Never Had

Let’s meet Mohammad Alaa and listen his story about “a special relationship”. Mohammad Alaa Jaleel, better known as The Cat Man Of Aleppo who provides a refuge for cats that have been left behind because of war in Syria. His house is home to about 80 cats at the moment, and has just become the setting for an unlikely friendship between a dog and a cat ( Amira and Junior). A tiny orphaned kitten was rescued from the streets and a dog who was mourning the loss of her puppies.

Mohammad met Amira and began to start taking care of her. On discovering that she was pregnant, he gave up his room so that she could have a comfortable resting place. Sadly, she gave birth to a litter of stillborn pups. Alessandra Abidin, volunteer of the rescue group gave her a stuffed teddy bear and tried to cuddle with her because she was very sad.

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And that was when Junior noticed the bear and started to approach Amira.She slowly walked up to Amira and eventually made her way to her paws. She then scratched her front on Amira, and so their beautiful relationship began. The teddy was forgotten and the pair snuggled up together.
“We found them playing together, and the kitten climbed on her back, and (Amira) was completely fine and even seemed to be smiling,” Alessandra told Love Meow. They both had a tough start but overcame the devastating grief with sweet, sweet love.

This is Amira, a hound that has only been extricated from wall street of Aleppo, Syria

“We were sad and shocked… We gave her a stuffed teddy bear and tried to cuddle with her because she was very sad”

Junior noticed the teddy bear Amira was spending time with

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Junior gradually shaped her method to Amira’s paws

She then rubbed her face on Amira, and so their beautiful friendship began

They share food, play and even take naps together

Junior became the pup Amira never had

They both had a rough beginning to life, and now they have each other and their hearts are full

The unlikely house instantaneously imparted snaps to everyone

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Source: Paws Planet




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