Hunky Ex-Marine Takes In Abandoned Kitten & The Pics Are Way Too Cute.

In mid-July, a kind-hearted man helped put a massive (and adorable) dent in the stoic, tough-guy image evoked by the U.S. Marines. How? By fostering a kitten. A really, really cute calico kitten. We dare you to look at these pictures and not start squealing.

It’s not clear how a certain calico kitten named Jubilee ended up at the Seattle Humane Society. What is clear is that it was love at first sight for Gabe Lee, who agreed to fill in as this sweet baby’s “mother” until she was strong enough to be adopted.

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Look what I just got! She’s only a few days old, about the size of an iPhone 5s and weighs about half as much.

Jubilee’s mother would have been proud of all his effort. He taught the days-old kitten some significant life lessons, like the importance of good hygiene:


Or learning how to play well with others:

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How to eat a good nutritious meal:


And how to maintain a healthy weight (although the first order of business was to get Jubilee’s weight up in the first place):


And, of course, knowing when to take a break and just kick back awhile:


Once she was at a healthy weight, it was time for Jubilee to return to the shelter so she could be adopted.

Gabe may have shed some tears, but we doubt he’d admit to it. But at least he knows he played a huge role in Jubilee’s life, which got off to a great start thanks to his love and devotion.

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