If Your Cat Acts Strangely, Don’t Worry. Here’s the Explanation!

Rudyard Kipling claimed that cats live for themselves and aren’t inclined to become attached to others. Dogs wag their tails, run up to you for a hug, and bark boisterously. Cats are more restrained and express their feelings differently. More often than not, their owners can only guess what their furry companions are feeling.

Does your cat love you? Cross your fingers and read till the end to understand your cat`s emotion by it`s tail.

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Your cat truly loves you if…

If he purrs so much you can’t sleep

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Purring is the way a cat expresses its love. According to scientists, purring can also be a sign of worry or discomfort, but if your cat is purring by your side, don’t worry — he or she is expressing their attachment to you


If she follows you everywhere

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This is how cats express their wish to spend time with their owners. If your cat is following you at your heels, it means she likes your company.


If he nibbles your skin

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If provoked when you play with them, a cat might start to chew lightly on his ’opponent’s’ hand. Don’t worry — this is just play fighting; he doesn’t really want to hurt you.


If she sticks close to you and winds herself around your legs

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By leaving her scent on you, your cat is letting potential competitors know that you belong to her. Cats are known for being possessive and jealous, but this is also how they demonstrate tenderness and attention.


If she bends the tip of her tail when she looks at you

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A cat’s tail is a real barometer of its mood. When your cat extends its tail straight up and bends only the tip, this is a sign of its friendly attitude towards you.


If he has a staring contest with you

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Cats are a little like many men: if they can’t take their eyes off you, it means they love you.


If he isn’t afraid to show his belly

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This is a sign of an advanced level of attachment felt by the cat towards you; it shows they trust you completely


If she gives you presents

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This is how a cat shows she wants to care for you. She doesn’t know that birds and mice are not your favorite food!


If he comes up close and face-to-face with you

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If your cat nestles his head against you, juts his forehead into your forehead, neck or leg, then he’s just showing that he considers you someone close to him.


If she gives you a massage

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It’s better to cover yourself with a blanket when your cat decides to start doing this for you, otherwise she might scratch you. There are two reasons she might be giving you a massage: either she’s trying to find the most comfortable place to fall asleep, or she’s trying to tell you how happy she is to be with you. Remember that she’s extending her claws only reflexively out of pleasure rather than from any desire to hurt you.


How to understand your cat’s emotion by its tail

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If your cat’s tail is curved like a question mark, it can be a signal of aggression. It probably means you’ve already made them mad. But if a cat’s tail is curved beneath their body, it means they are calm and happy. And maybe you can even play with them.


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