Kitten Waits in Food Dish to Get Attention and Find Forever Home

A stray kitten was found in an animal hospital located in upstate New York. The cat had perched her floof up high in her food dish. It was a beautiful sight to see the little furry gal sitting pretty in her food cup that was attached to her kennel door. It looked like this lovely cat knew that Mr. or Ms. Adopt-Me-Right-Now will be coming to see her.

This adorable cat, named Nugget, had been found hiding in some bushes near Westchester. She was found by a worker at the animal hospital where she is currently. Nugget seemed to have had a neglectful past. However, despite all that, her self-esteem is still intact. She holds her head high every day. This shows that she is ready for adoption. She is just waiting for her shots before she can be put up for adoption.

If you visit this hospital, you will instantly fall in love with Nugget. You might want to take her away with you. Nugget seems to have no fear whatsoever. She is very friendly and will get to play with anyone. Her play instinct is very strong and I guess that’s why she got into her food dish in the first place to try and grab people’s attention. The endearingly submissive look on nugget’s face and the fact that she is in her food dish is what makes it adorable to look at her. Nugget will bring joy to anyone that will visit the vet.

She matches the dictionary definition of cuteness.

Source: The Meow Post

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