Lynx Mama Brings Her 7 Kittens To Revisit Man’s BackYard

Back in September Tim Newton was woken up by an weird sound which led him to witness an amazing scene of a Lynx family scampering outside his deck in Alaska.

These beautiful felines were playing and frolicking on his deck and backyard.

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Tim Newton Photography

Their visit was short, and Tim didn’t expect to see them again since lynx usually don’t come to close to people, let alone a family of 8.

Two months later, Cathy Newton ( his wife), woke up to a sound they hear before. She could hardly believe who came back to visit them on a snowy day.

On November 11, mama Lynx came back with her seven, yes seven kittens. They were flying across the deck just like the last visit. Cathy quickly started filming the rare occasion.

Tim Newton Photography

“It was fascinating to see Mama playing as much as they were! Five kittens were on the deck playing with Mama, while two were in the yard roughhousing,”.

“Tim was not home, but I was able to get a few videos of them! They are so adorable!”

Tim Newton Photography

Watch this amazing footage of mama Lynx playing with her kittens.

Tim Newton Photography

The deck was covered with a thin layer of snow, so after some incredible playtime, they left plenty of big paw prints scattered all over the deck.

The amazing Lynx family seems to be doing well.

Mama and her 7 kittens who showed up in September, returned to the family’s porch for a bit of a surprise. Perhaps the mama lynx wanted to show off what she created

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Tim Newton Photography

Another video of this revisit!

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Source: animal daily


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