Man Gives His Kitty A Stuffed Teddy Bear – When The Cat Realizes How Special It Is She Won’t Let Go

He gave his kitty a new toy a stuffed teddy bear, but it’s what she’s doing with it you’ll want to see! – This kitty just ADORES the stuffed animal and never wants to let it go and even grooms it like she loves it!

She enjoys it so much that anytime she’s spending time with the stuffed bear, you can hear her purring and licking it, almost like it was her kitten! SOO cute and funny – This is one of the cutest things ever!

She’s so attached, she never wants to let it go, ADORABLE…

Just watch the video!

[quads id=2]

[quads id=2]

What a sweetheart, SOO cute

This kitty is so sweet with her new pet animal! 🙂

Source: meow post

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