Owner brings home abandoned orphan cats. Her cat loves and fosters every single one

Benedict Cumbercat (great name!) knows what it’s like to be a lonely orphan. Ellen Carozza, his beloved owner and avid cat aficionado, took him in when he was an abandoned and sickly kitten. Carozza is a veterinary technician who has rescued countless cats, so she knew exactly how to take care of him and nurse him back to health.

“The moment I saw his scrawny hot mess of a body, I wanted him,” Carozza tells The Dodo. “I fell in love even with the snotty nose and his horrible eye infection. I knew he was supposed to be mine.”

And now Benny has an equally open heart for other cats in need.


He’s Carozza’s little helper, giving much-needed affection to all the other cats that Carozza fosters. He’s fostered dozens of kittens, helping them adjust to their new lives and get ready for future adoption!


“Benny is a natural with the babies,” Carozza says. “I don’t know if it was due to us being very hands-on with him and sharing the routines, but every box of kittens I brought home he had to see what was in it. It was like a treat. He actually gets very depressed when we don’t have kittens. I’d like to think he is returning the favor we gave him a few years ago.”


Then Benny met Winifred. A black cat who needed Benny more than anybody could ever imagine.

Winnie had been rejected by her mother and weighed half what a normal kitten should. Her brother, also born prematurely, passed away, so she had nobody in the world to help her out… until Benny stepped in.

“[Kittens this tiny] don’t follow the same rules as regular kittens, so you cannot go by a chart to tell you what to expect,” Carozza explains. “They require a lot more care and attention to detail.”

With her job experience, she knows just how to tube-feed a kitten in need.

“Benny’s role is comfort and socializing, Carozza says. “Having another cat to snuggle into and not a stuffed toy 24/7 does wonders for their mental well-being.”

Watch them snuggle up — they’re inseparable!

His warmth was invaluable in helping the fragile kitten feel comfortable and protected.


“When the kittens aren’t with Benny, they do get a snuggle cat mom with an artificial heartbeat for comfort,” Carozza notes. “But it doesn’t purr. It doesn’t clean you. It doesn’t help you to be a cat. He fills those gaps in.”

Once Winnie heals up, she’ll be able to transition to her new home, with Carozza’s sister in New York.

Thanks, Benny, for all your tireless work! I’m sure we’ll be seeing you with a new litter of kitties on your Instagram.

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[Source: The Dodo]


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