Shelter Shares Heart-Wrenching Video of Empty Kennels, Cat Nobody Wanted is Only 1 Left

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Sure, social media can get some pretty mixed reviews. On the downside, it tends to distract people from daily responsibilities — and it can sometimes turn a mild disagreement into an enraged free-for-all.

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But on the upside, it’s a great way to spread the word about a worthy cause. Sometimes, it can even help a super-cute cat find a home before Christmas.

Take Meko, for example. His story began as a heart-wrenching tale of utter loneliness.

That’s because during the recent holiday season, this forlorn feline became the only remaining kitty at North Carolina’s Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement facility.

An adoption event had literally cleaned out all the kennels … all except for Meko’s, that is.

But then heartbroken shelter adoption coordinator Karrie Brotzman hatched a holiday plan. She filmed Meko, and posted the resulting 18-second clip on the shelter’s Facebook page.

Her poignant video snippet panned all around the deserted adoptable cat area. Then right on cue, when the camera settled upon sweet Meko, he meowed dejectedly and pawed the front of his cage.

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As Brotzman had hoped, social media went bonkers. “I just knew one of our regulars would see it and come adopt him,” she told news outlets optimistically.

Almost right away, hundreds of people began sharing the post. It explained that Meko’s adoption fee was just $75 — and that “he would love to spend his holidays with a new family, rather than alone in the shelter.”

A New Jersey woman spotted the entry. She immediately sent it to her father, John Kurowski, who resides in Gaston County.

Kurowski was parked outside a neighborhood grocery store when he received his daughter’s text.

She knew her dad had an incredible heart for animals — and sure enough, he made a beeline for the nearby shelter without even telling his wife.

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For her part, Brotzman began tearing up when she told reporters about her spur-of-the-moment social media strategy.

“We’re proud of the job we do,” she said, noting that “when other people see that, and other people want to be a part of it, this is why I do this.”

It’s fantastic when social media manages to save the day. It’s even better when a handsome cat like Meko finds a new best buddy for life.

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