These Cats Just Realized What Happened At The Vet’s Office, And Their Reactions Are Hysterical!

Owning a cat means you sometimes have to make some choices that, while uncomfortable, are for the greater good – like having them spayed or neutered. It’s the responsible thing to do, but that doesn’t mean they understand.

Quite the contrary, when they find out exactly what that dastardly veterinarian has done to them… they may be a bit shocked. So make sure they’re sitting when you tell them, because after hearing this, even a cat might not land on its feet.

1. Dr. Snips did WHAT?!

2. Oh the humanity!

3. They’re – they’re gone.

4. Hello darkness, my old friend.

5. I trusted you!

6. Ehrmigod.

7. They did what now?

8. You wouldn’t do that, sir! Not on Christmas, you wouldn’t!

9. Cat? What cat?

10. I have nothing left to live for. Just flush me.

11. Run.

12. Whe – where’d my – where’d they go?

13. Why, Katie? Why?

14. This act of betrayal will never be forgiven.

15. Revenge will be swift. And it will be terrible.

16. What have you done?!

17. Did the dog tell you to do this?!

t’s okay, guys. It’s the best thing for you, even if you don’t realize it yet. Wait… why are your claws out? Whiskers? Noooooooooooo.

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