This Cat Is More Photogenic Than Any Human Being

Smoothie, the gorgeous British Longhair, is known for her beauty. Not just that, on the internet, her popularly known as the most photogenic cat in the world. She definitely knows how to flatter everybody with her poses and how to flaunt her most attractive feature.

All of us have that one favorite angle, but this is not the case with Smoothie. All angles are her best angles! With a following of over 1 million fans on Instagram Smoothie is considered to be another internet star who’s managed to win so many people’s hearts. We have compiled for you a couple of cute pictures if Smoothie to make your day a little better! As it’s written on her site: “Sometimes you just need a Smoothie in your life.”

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Go ahead scroll down and witness the beauty! Don’t forget to comment.

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Source: Bored panda


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