This cat ran into a burning house 5 times but what she brought out in her mouth each time, will break your heart

There are things in this world that simply have no limits, like the love of a mother for her child. This heart-wrenching story of mother cat Scarlett, who has to live on the street, is proof that this is not only true of humans. That being said, she brought 5 sweet kittens into the world and even managed to find shelter in an abandoned garage.

But then a dire fire erupts in the derelict building, which is often frequented by drug users, and threatens to kill Scarlett’s 5 tiny kittens. Just like a human mother, the cat would give everything to save her young ones.

As the fire brigade arrive, they can hear the desperate cries of the kittens and cannot believe their eyes. They find all 5 kittens and their severely injured mother with completely scorched fur, in terrible agony. 5 times, the cat had run into the deadly flames and 5 times she carried a tiny fur-bundle back out in her mouth.

One of the firemen instantly recognised the delicate situation and swoops the mother and her babies into a box and takes them to the vet. Even now the heroic mother proves how much will she has to live. At this point in time, the seriously injured cat can no longer see and completely haggard, but one after the other, she nudges her kittens with the last of her strength to make sure that they are all okay.

At the vet everything is set in motion to save this family. Scarlett has suffered horrible injuries, her mouth, nose and paws show terrible burns, and her ears are partly burnt off. For one of her sweet kittens, the help unfortunately came too late and it died shortly after being rescued.

Fortunately the rest of the kittens survived and are healing well, and Scarlett is thriving. After a week in intensive care, through the loving care of the helpers, all of their woulds are healing.

When the story of this mother reached the public, the response was overwhelming. Numerous newspapers and TV channels reported about the courageous feline friend. The animal shelter received over 7000 letters and every sender wanted just one thing: to provide the homeless kittens and there brave mother with a new home.

After 3 long months they’d healed well enough: all of them received a loving new home. The 4 kittens were adopted out in pairs and Scarlett herself, found herself a home with Karen Wellen.

Scarlett requires regular medication because the fire has damaged her resilience, but this little victim only brings Karen pleasure. Karen was also a victim of a serious accident and knows only too well what it means to be restrained.

The traumatised cat has now found the new home that she deserves, and receives all the love and support that she needs.

Without question, Scarlett’s story has opened the hearts of many people. Even when this has all happened years ago, Scarlett’s unfailing motherly love will never be forgotten. If you were also moved by this story, then share it with everyone that you know and help preserve their memory.

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