This Company Has ‘Office Kittens’ And Here’s What They Do All Day

The Finance/IT department for a transportation company in Ohio has hired/rescued two qualified kittens to play with boxes all day long and keep employee morale high.

Debit and Credit / @ourofficekittens

A video of the kittens, Debit and Credit, getting into their daily shenanigans was posted on Reddit by an employee in the office building.

“My building is small—there are only 6 of us. One of them is allergic, but she doesn’t care. The others stay in another building,” carenl said. “They stay at the office at night (with a very sweet setup), and we visit them on the weekends for snuggling and playing.”

We only have one question. Are you hiring?

Watch the video

And here is another one…

Source: Instagram/ourofficekittens

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