This woman found a cat that needed help, decided to take him in and now, he has the most incredible life

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Meet Larry the cat! He was a stray cat that had lived on the streets for quite a while and had totally lost trust in the intentions of humans but all that changed when he met his current owner- Theresa Owens.

When she found him, she knew immediately that she really had to help him out, take care of him and give him the forever home he deserves but Larry’s trust was not easy to come by at all. Once she approached him and tried to be friendly, he showed her that he wasn’t ready to make friends or trust humans again but Theresa persisted to the point of bringing the cat to work with her, and you won’t believe the results!

Watch the adorable video below!!

We are happy that he is finally off the streets and is now in a very loving home and also thankful that Theresa cared about him enough to win back his trust. Check out Larry on Instagram!

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