Two women heard chirps from a dumpster and the cat they found there is now doing so well!

How do you think a cat that has been found in a dumpster would be like? Scared, hungry, cold, yeah, you got that right. This cat was found by two women (Jennifer and Jim Yovino) during their walk down an alley; they started to hear chirps from behind a dumpster and decided to check out what animal was making the sound, they later deciphered that the cry for help was coming from a huge metal gate behind the dumpster and this metal gate in question was locked.

They also couldn’t locate the animal making the sound as he was small and buried in the trash. Sometime later, with help from other people and the use of a few tools, they were able to pry the gate open and that was when they saw the little kitten and pulled him out. He was swaddled in a t-shirt, held and given a head-rub, such an adorable little thing, his new human friends named him Fulton. After a while, having being cuddled by his human friend, LuAnn, Fulton began to feel a whole lot better.

Who said cuddles don’t work like magic eh? Fulton was later moved to The Cat House on the Kings in California where he was cared for and an appropriate and loving home was found for him. Now, Fulton stays in a marvellous foster home where he has a whole lot of other kittens and toys to play and run around with. He doesn’t have to worry about being lonely and scared again. We are very happy for Fulton!

We just love this beautiful story of Fulton but we want to know what you think. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Meow Post


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