Vets Thought This Kitten Should Be Euthanized, But His Amazing Transformation Proved Otherwise

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On January 9, 2015, a woman named Melissa found a cat that was in horrible condition, lying at the edge of a highway in Belize. He had a smashed jaw and dried up blood and pus all over his face from an infection. He couldn’t keep his mouth closed or his tongue from hanging out and he had bone poking through his gums.

The vet thought the cat should be put down, but the woman who found him knew he had the will to live and be loved. He purred the whole car ride, as if he knew he was being rescued.

She tried giving him a tin of cat food, and to her surprise, the cat dove right in to eat it, broken jaw and all.

Melissa took the cat home with her and had proper antibiotics to treat him.

“Immediately when he got home, his eyes became so bright and huge,” Melissa told The Dodo. “And he looked just like Smeagol from ‘Lord of the Rings.’” So, Melissa decided that this would be his name.

Months passed, and the little kitten’s jaw was healing great. Melissa took him to a special clinic, and the vets said it healed so well that they didn’t think he needed surgery.

Although his jaw healed, it left him with his trademark snaggletooth. He also still has those big, round eyes. But now he sees a much better life through them.

Smeagol is fully healed now, but he still hasn’t lost his old habits. He still enjoys diving right into his food.

He has also made new friends and has other animal siblings: five cats and five dogs! He gets along great with all of them.

Smeagol has come a long way since he was found nearly two years ago. His quick recovery and ability to love, despite all he has gone through, he shown how resilient he is.

Smeagol’s story and journey has made him quite the internet celebrity. You can follow him on his Instagram account, where he has over 9,000 followers. And you can also follow him on Facebook.

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