Warmly ‘Baked’ Breadcat

Toy artist Rato Kim from Seoul, South Korea’s latest trending creation is the Breadcat toy. It was inspired by the image of cats sitting with their paws hidden, which we usually call “a loaf of cat”.

The most difficult thing in the progress of creating the Breadcat was to decide what facial expression they’ll have. The artist decided to go with multiple expression, so you can have a hyped or a shy Breadcat, your choice.

“I myself don’t have one because I am not ready. But I’d love to get a cat in two years. The Breadcat is for people like me who don’t have a cat but they would like to have one,” Kim said.

The artist also would like to “create a storybook about Breadcats or cats in general showing the ways they charm people.” Well, best of luck!

More info: Facebook | Instagram


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