Which Type Of Pressure Washer Do You Need

Which Type Of Pressure Washer Do You Need

Pressure washers make your cleaning jobs unchallenging. These high-powered machines have a reputation in both domestic and commercial fields. Due to their increased demand, various companies manufacture numerous models. You can buy a steam pressure washer or an electric one depending on your needs.

So how many types of pressure washers are there? Which kind is best for which application? Today the mystery resolves.

Main Types of Pressure Washers

Pressure washers may look alike. But they differ in their power sources and other mechanics. Pressure washers are classified based on the fuel they use; gas-powered and electric pressure washers.

Gas-Powered Pressure Washers

Gas pressure washers use gasoline to turn water into a high-powered stream. These pressure washers offer strength and are best for cleaning tough surfaces and stains.

Since they generate such a huge amount of power; they are expensive. For domestic users, a gas pressure washer needs more maintenance costs rather than cleaning expenditures. As a solution, manufacturers presented the electric pressure washers.

Electric Pressure Washers

Electric pressure washers operate on batteries. They make the required pressure by using the battery current. In contrast to gas pressure washers, they are easier to maintain and make a suitable cleaning tool for domestic uses.

Producing higher pressures need more electricity. This may be affordable for occasional washing applications. But at the commercial level, it is somehow expensive.

Common Kinds of Pressure Washers You Should Know About

The kinds illustrated below may have different names and applications. But they operate on two resources. It is either gas or a battery.

Cold Pressure Washers

As the name implies, cold pressure washers throw a stream of cold water. It doesn’t mean the water is icy cold, but has a moderate temperature. These washers get their name in contrast to the hot pressure washers. Cold pressure washers are common among homeowners who like to clean their sidings frequently.

Hot Pressure Washers

These gadgets heat the water to around 200 Fahrenheit; resultantly, producing an extremely hot stream. Its high-temperature blasts away the stains and grease from the targeted surface in a blink.

Hot pressure washers are apt for domestic level and small-scale commercial cleaning. Moreover, they help save money, as the high temperature doesn’t need much soap.

Variable Pressure Washers

Most pressure washers throw the water stream at a specific level. The GPM and PSI values denote the power of the pressure washer. However, variable pressure washers offer different pressures. They have a maximum limit, but you can increase or decrease the pressure within it.

Soap Pressure Washers

Any type of pressure washer can be a soap pressure washer. Most models today feature a soap container. You will find the soap container attached separately to the unit. It is connected to the main container and supplies the soap as the pressure washer throws out the water stream.


Selecting a pressure washer can be somehow difficult, but you must consider you needs before you buy a pressure washer. There is a large variety of pressure washers available in the market which is good for both commercial and domestic cleanings. However, the price and power of each category are suitable for a specific application. Pressure washers only have two sources of energy. The others available are an extension of electric or gas pressure washers.