Wild pigeon saw a kitten and couldn’t resist her mothering instincts when she sees him needing warmth

This amazing pigeon has some mothering instincts that will leave you in some serious disbelief.  This mother pigeon has found a kitten who was cold and couldn’t resist the urge to help and protect.  This might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

When the bird saw the little kitten, she adopted it and decided that nobody else should get even close.  Even the kitten is happy about it and enjoys snuggles and staying warm. I’ve never seen any story like this in my life quite like THIS.

When the Pigeon saw the kitten, she just couldn’t resist her mothering instincts…

Just watch!

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This just goes to show how wonderful even the least likely of animals can be. Pigeons like cats too I guess, it’s amazing!

Source: The Meow Post


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