Women hears crying from abandoned suitcase, then she opens it and sees 12 kittens begging for help

This kind women was walking down the road and saw an old suitcase laying in the park. She kept walking, but then she heard some desperate crying for help. When she opened it up, she saw a littler of 12 kitten.

The kittens were very small, and she knew she had to save them asap. She took them too a local animal hospital, but nobody knew if they would make it since she didn’t know how long they were trapped in the suitcase.

After a lot of help, love and care these kittens are doing AMAZING…

Watch the story below:

[quads id=2]

[quads id=2]

This is heartbreaking, but the most ADORABLE kittens ever. 

I’m SOO thankful they’ve been rescued!

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